Free Mandela – a great play

On Tuesday, 19th November, the classes 10 – 12 of our school went to the theatre in Erfurt to watch "Free Mandela"- a play about South Africa’s first black president.

Nelson Mandela was born in a village where solidarity and equality were really important for a communal life. When he got older he moved to Johannesburg to become a successful businessman. There he married Winnie, his future wife. In Johannesburg he worked as a lawyer and took part in the African National Congress. On his long walk to freedom he had to overcome lots of obstacles and, therefore, he ended up in prison for 27 years but despite that he didn’t give up developing a multi – racial society. After his stay in prison he became South Africa’s first black president and he won his fight against brutal tyranny and Apartheid without using violence. Nelson Mandela offered us inspiration but does he offer us a solution?

All in all, the play gave us a valuable and profound insight into the world of Mandela and it is more topical than ever because racial and gender discrimination is still growing. Mandela had good ideas and played an important role in the acceptance of others but, unfortunately, he could not change all people’s mind. We need to improve and mend our attitudes by understanding that we are all simply people, irrespective of colour and race.

Lea Hampe, Heidi Preßler (A 21.2)

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